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January 7-10, 2021: LSA 2021 Annual Meeting

Four abstracts from our lab members will be presented on January 7-10, 2021 in the LSA 2021 Annual Meeting. Please join them!

Non-homophonic homophones in Mandarin Chinese: evidence for phonetic detail in the lexicon
Poster Session: Phonetics II
Authors: Kevin Tang (University of Florida), Jason Shaw (Yale University)

Reducing Racial Bias in Word Embeddings with Counterfactual Data Augmentation
Poster Session: Computational Linguistics
Authors: Alejandro Lopez, Hae Won Kim, Monae McKinney, Kevin Tang (University of Florida)
The effect of pitch accent on the perception of English lexical stress by native and non-native listeners
Poster Session: Psycholinguistics I
Authors: Fenqi Wang (University of Florida), Kevin Tang (University of Florida), Jun Lyu (University of Southern California)