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Speech Lexicon and Modelling

The Speech, Lexicon and Modelling (SLaM) lab

SLaM is dedicated to advancing applied and theoretical research involving spoken speech and grammar (phonetics and phonology) and word knowledge (lexicon) with experimental and computational methods.

It is co-directored by Dr. Kevin Tang, Dr. Ratree Wayland and Dr. Caroline Wilshire at UF Linguistics. It provides research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. We welcome curious and motivated UF students from a wide range of disciplines (from Engineering to Digital Humanties) to join us. SLaM collaborates closely with other research groups on campus and runs a biweekly reading group.

Wanna be a SLAMer?

Please see what opportunities are available here. For more information, please contact Dr. Kevin Tang. Location: 4017 Turlington Hall (

Wanna be a graduate SLAMer?

Dr. Kevin Tang is seeking a new PhD student to join the lab beginning Fall 2021, with a strong background in computational/experimental linguistics, preferably with a focus in phonetics, phonology, and lexical access. Please review SLAM’s PhD Guidelines and apply prior to 1 December. If you are a junior/senior undergraduate student and would like to apply for the graduate programme, please check out the SURF programme. If interested, please contact Dr. Kevin Tang ( prior to submitting your application.